Monday, 10 September 2012

Amsterdam Drawing

I went on holiday to Amsterdam this Summer, and I had an absolutely amazing time. 

Family Drawings

My family become their personalities........

My family become parts of the house........

My Family Project

My final Major project for my art foundation was about my lovely fam.
 I did work about each family members character, alongside work about how your family home is important, as it's representative of how a household operates. For my exhibition piece I made models of each member of my family and for their bodies I used objects from my house, this was to show how the setting of the family home is integral to a family (so integral that it becomes them, so they are made of it!). The objects also reflected the individual person's personality.

Here's a picture of my exhibition piece  

Family models at home.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Stereotypical cats

This work was the conclusion for a project I did on my art foundation course about stereotypes. The cats are based on my own cat Puzzle.
(This is her)
I thought it would be a funny idea to have Puzzle as the model for the different styles, as animals and style aren't things that generally go together, so it would set up a contrast. But, because Puzzle has her own ideas about her life she wasn't too keen on actually being dressed up, so I decided to make my own little cats instead! I constructed a little scene for each stereotypical cat that I thought suited the stereotype.

Geek Cat
Chav Cat
Hipster Cat