Thursday, 30 January 2014

Spontaneous Lush Illustration

I was shopping the other day with my lovely friend Jack, when we decided to stroll into Lush (Jack's favourite shop in the world). We were chatting to one of the people who worked there and she asked us what course we did. When we said Illustration, she said that she really wanted an illustration for the 'Lush White City' Facebook page, and she asked if we'd like to do one for them!
I did a little drawing and here it is...

Wednesday, 29 January 2014


This is an animatic me and another girl from my course Jennifer made together. We had to make a storyboard based around 3 images. Our images were a picture of a doll lying on the ground, a picture of a man walking down the street holding something with red powder flowing out of it and a picture of a man crying. This is the narrative that we developed from these 3 images.....

Friday, 17 January 2014

Extraordinary Books

Today our brief was to do something extraordinary with a book. My group had a book about herbs, here is what we did with it..........
So, it just looks like a not particularly extraordinary book about herbs.... but when you open it...
It has a miniature herb garden inside it!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

First World Problems

We had a workshop this week about constructing collages to be used in a zine.
The theme of our work for this day was 'first world problems', we all had to make up quote about this to base our collage around.
Mine was, 'My micro pig is no longer micro. I don't want it now.' .....#firstworldproblems!
Here is what my collage looked like after photocopying it at different stages.
I was quite pleased with my composition, but i was disapointed that the process of photocopying made the images lose some of the contrast, texture and made them appear grainy.
Here is the original collage before I photocopied it, in a way I prefer it!

Book Binding

This week we did a book binding workshop, specifically techniques for making zines. it was really interesting to learn and I really enjoyed making my little books!
Here are some different methods of book binding.
In the second half of the workshop we were able to experiment with what we'd learnt, I used some paper from an old comic to make my book, and made some tassels with drawings taken from the illustrations on the comic, attached to the ends! 
Here is another little book I made. On the front is a stamp of a duck that I made in another workshop we did this week which was learning how to make rubber stamps.