Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas Wrapping Paper

I really wanted to try out screen printing as I had never done it before. So, for my first go at it I decided to make some christmasy wrapping paper. Here is how it turned out, I like it but I think for next time I would do more bits of block colour, as that is what has worked out best. The thin lines came out really faintly. I'm proud of it for my first attempt though!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Nose

This is a link to an animation I did based on the story of 'The Nose' by Gogol. I picked 2 main scenes to focus on and then adapted them to make my story have a beginning and an end. I really enjoyed this project and used it as an opportunity to try out some techniques that I've always wanted to try but never have!

Heres a little snippet to tempt you to click on the link to it......

Sunday, 17 November 2013

One Panel Narrative- Crowd

We recently had a 2 day project which was to draw a crowd scene. We had to include interactions and narratives within our crowd, and the tutors encouraged us to be imaginative with our choice of setting.
I chose to have my crowd living on somebodies face. I was excited by the possibilities of narratives that could evolve from a colony of people interacting with and living on a human face.

Here are some close ups of what the people are doing to this poor man's face.

Drawing in the Museum of Childhood

Brixton Market

Location Drawing in Brixton Market:

Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Human Echo

We recently did a 2 day project called 'The Human Echo'. I decided to focus on people's accents in my interpretation of the project.
 A person's accent is an echo of their past. It allows people to make assumptions as to how and where that person has grown up. In that way it is a 'human echo' of somebody's history and life.
To show this concept I decided to focus on the way 2 different people pronounce one word. I chose the word grass...

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Character Animation!

Here is my jolly little punk coming to life and walking along:

This was the first animation I've ever done, and I loved doing it so much! I think I will definitely explore animation more as the course goes on. There are so many possibilities for what you can do with it and I love the idea of bringing life and movement to the things I draw and make.

Character Creating

We had a one day character work shop, with the aim being to create an unusual and unique character by the end of the day. We were given two well known characters, which we had to combine and imagine they'd had a child. My well known characters were Mr Ben and Jessica Rabbit, and this is the result of their breeding.......

He is a polite seeming business man, who has a flamboyant, feminine side (he got that from his mother Jessica Rabbit) that comes out at night.
We then had to find another person from the course, and then make our characters breed again so that we'd have another generation of crazy looking people!

This is the result of the second round of breeding. He is an obese, camp punk! He got picked on for being feminine and fat as a teenager, so decided to become punk to intimidate people and scare them off. He doesn't carry it off very well however and he can't help letting out his true flamboyant personality. This drawing shows all the stages of the character's life.
I like my little character and am excited as soon we have to make our characters come to life with animation......

Independent Drawing in London

We have a project called 'The Knowledge' where we have to build up our knowledge of London by going out and drawing it. I decided to focus mine around people, as the thing I find the most striking about London is the number and diversity of the people here. It is very different to my hometown in the Peak District where you can walk around and you'll only see a few sheep and maybe a bird.

Camden markets

A man with some pigeons

The streets of Brixton

The Science Museum


Secret Cinema

The secret cinema was a drawing exercise where we had to draw from films. We had to use the medium of ink and try and convey what was happening in the film and the feelings it had. It was quite a challenge, as the films were full of movement meaning it was hard to translate that into a stationary drawing, and at the same time keep the feeling of life and movement. I did enjoy the challenge though.

Drawing Speed Dating

On the first day of my new course we had a altered version of speed dating. We had to go round the class introducing ourselves to each other and at the same time as talking to the person, draw a quick picture of them!

It was a really fun day and I definitely felt like I knew everyone better by the end.

Lots of faces