Saturday, 19 October 2013

Character Creating

We had a one day character work shop, with the aim being to create an unusual and unique character by the end of the day. We were given two well known characters, which we had to combine and imagine they'd had a child. My well known characters were Mr Ben and Jessica Rabbit, and this is the result of their breeding.......

He is a polite seeming business man, who has a flamboyant, feminine side (he got that from his mother Jessica Rabbit) that comes out at night.
We then had to find another person from the course, and then make our characters breed again so that we'd have another generation of crazy looking people!

This is the result of the second round of breeding. He is an obese, camp punk! He got picked on for being feminine and fat as a teenager, so decided to become punk to intimidate people and scare them off. He doesn't carry it off very well however and he can't help letting out his true flamboyant personality. This drawing shows all the stages of the character's life.
I like my little character and am excited as soon we have to make our characters come to life with animation......

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