Monday, 26 May 2014

My Final Project

For our final project for this year, we had to choose a project which we'd enjoyed or found interesting previously in the year, and then continue this project and take it in new directions. 
I decided to develop my collections project, as I enjoyed that one but felt it would benefit from being taken out of the brief we were given. 
I enjoyed using my Dad as the central character for the collections project, but this time wanted to make something which was less true to life, and use exaggeration to create a witty narrative. 
When my Dad goes into the cellar to work on a horn project, there is no way that he can be summoned back upstairs, as he becomes completely emersed in what he's doing. I wanted my animation to be about that, and also just the general feeling that everyone can relate to, of being so completely involved in something you love doing that you lose track of time and are almost unaware of the world around you.
I wanted to use stop motion animation for my film, but after having to do extensive storyboarding to fully work out my narrative, I found that it would be more productive to do an animatic instead as it would be incredibly time consuming to actually animate my film in the time we had. I might animate it properly over the Summer though!

I think I have exhausted the topic of using my family members in projects now.

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