Monday, 26 May 2014

Collections Book Project

We recently had a book design project project at uni. The focus of this project was collections, and we had to display our chosen collection in a way which reflected it, through the form of a book.
I decided to base my collections book on my Dad's extensive collection of French Horns. My Dad is truly obsessed by French Horns and currently has 12. He also makes and repairs them and has a makeshift workshop in our cellar.

Here are a few of the pages from my book. I wanted the book to feel like my Dad was giving a guided tour through his collection and I enjoyed using him as a central character to structure the pages around.  I found the page design element hard, and I think there are definitely flaws in the some of the layouts. I think I would like to experiment with page design more in other projects as I find it challenging but intriguing!

The cover of my book- a French Horn case!

The back page of my book was a model of a set of draws which my Dad has in his workshop, where he keeps his tools, pieces of pipe and crucial bits and bobs. In each draw was a miniature book with my Dad's explanation of the contents of each draw. 
I felt like my idea would work well as an interactive book, and wanted to include my dad's actual voice and explanation in the book as a voice over. I animated the pages and made my dad's mouth move and his finger point around. I'm definitely looking forward to next year when we learn how to properly do a smooth lip sync to speech with animation, as mine is extremely novice!

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